Mandate, Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

The Nova Scotia Interior Decorators' Association (NSIDA) is a collaboration of established, experienced, and new decorating professionals working to advance and foster the Interior Decorating profession through knowledge-based and hands-on opportunities with homeowners, builders, consumers and suppliers.

Through on-going training, education and professional development, members of NSIDA keep abreast of styles, trends and industry forecasts. Standards set by NSIDA ensure members uphold a set of values which protect consumers and work to reduce confusion in the marketplace with regard to those working in the profession.

The reputation and credibility of NSIDA is based on our members’ total commitment to ethical and professional business practices. Ethical behavior goes far beyond the letter of the law. It means practicing our profession with honesty, integrity, dignity, and social responsibility in a manner that fosters the respect of clients, colleagues, industry affiliates and the general public. While we each serve our individual enterprises, we also are stewards of our profession and it is our individual responsibility to uphold the Code of Ethics and Bylaws of NSIDA.

Responsibility to the Public:

• Members will comply with existing laws, regulations and codes governing the practice of Interior Decorating/Design as established by the province of Nova Scotia.

• Members will always keep health, safety and issues that affect the welfare of the public as a chief priority and notify the executive if they are aware of situation where this is not the case.

• Members will disclose all information which could be deemed a conflict of interest and not make false statements regarding their professional qualifications and will not engage in conduct of misrepresentation or dishonesty.

• Members will not sign/seal drawings/documents they have not personally prepared or reviewed and will not allow their name to be used with any decorating project they have not been directly involved with.

• Members will not use unethical practices or conduct to influence or obtain access to interior decorating projects.

Responsibility to the Client:

• Members will undertake only work for which they are qualified and competent to carry out.

• Before accepting a project t members should define to the client the scope of work, nature of the project, decorating services, remuneration and the budget.

• All client information (personal & professional) will be treated in strict confidence and members must obtain consent from clients, before using the clients’ project for promotional purposes.

• Members will maintain a neutral position in disputes not directly related to the member, but involving parties on a project.

Responsibility to the NSIDA & Members:

• Members will not participate in discussions or activities or unfair competition practices that could harm another interior decorators or colleague's reputation or business relationships or the profession as a whole.

• Members will only work a project when they are personally satisfied that a client had severed contractual obligations or professional relationships with a previous interior decorator.

• Members will only take credit for or use work they/their firm have created.

Responsibility to the Profession:

• Members agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner that will reflect positively on both NSIDA and the profession.

• Members will continually upgrade their professional knowledge and when possible contribute to the sharing of knowledge and information with peers and other industry professionals.