As the NSIDA strives to grow our reputation within the design community, we have developed a plan for members to further their industry knowledge.  These opportunities that will be, and have been, presented to you will be credited to your membership as a Continuing Educational Unit (CEU).  

As an Accredited or Practicing Decorator Member, you will be encouraged to obtain 4 CEUs per membership year.  We will continue to provide links to sites with free online training as well as resources with paid courses in our quarterly newsletter or on this website to give you the flexibility of basic or more intensive development.  


Not all CEUs will be through training. Attending an event hosted by NSIDA or an Affiliate member event will often count towards your requirement.  

Upon completion of any online course, please forward your certificate or other documentation to our Director of Education at education@nsida.ca  and we will keep track of them for you.  

We value your input in this process. We welcome you to forward any questions, concerns or comments to any member of our Board (see Contact Us page).  

Let's get growing!

Here are some online resources for news and education:

www.aecdaily.com (take courses online)

www.idrcanada.org/trade (sign up for their newsletter)

www.udemy.com (take courses online)

Accreditation Programs in Nova Scotia*

*PLEASE NOTE: Accreditation is provided by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. Graduates of an accredited program will be accepted as members of NSIDA.

Eastern College                                     Interior Decorating Diploma

Maritime Business College                    Interior Decorating Diploma

Form, function, purpose, planning.

Furnishings, lighting, colour, textures, accents.

Balance, symmetry, style, movement.

Feeling, mood, environment.

These are some of the things you will learn during your decorating education. These elements are injected into the thought process and applied to the space you will eventually come to design or decorate.

A career in interior decorating teaches you the importance of thinking beyond the room, to envision the possibilities, and the skills to create the space in your mind and apply it to the environment in which you are working.  You will become an artist, an organizer, and a  planner for your clients.

Interior Decorating curriculums teach you how to mix creativity with practicality. You will learn theories, concepts, and the lingo of the design industry. You will become familiar with the tools of colour, textures, fabric, and light, and explore the finish materials, art, and visual elements that go along with design and decorating. Students will study good business practices, ethics management, project strategies, business planning, and to spec products and to resource difficult to find products. You will learn to present these elements to a client. You will learn about barrier free environments and sustainable and eco friendly and natural materials. Whether you are specifying an imported fabric or identifying a truly eco friendly natural fibre wallcovering, or informing your client of hazards, you will become an expert in your field.

Please refer to the individual college websites for further information.